Cheviot Top

©Amanda Slater and used by permission.

©Amanda Slater and used by permission.

Breed History

Cheviot sheep, of which there are several types, originated in the Cheviot Hills area of Great Britain, along the border of England and Scotland, and are the dominant sheep in this area. While, primarily bred for meat, they also produce a resilient, useful wool.

Fleece Facts

Cheviots grow naturally white fleeces weighing 5-10 pounds, with a staple length of 4-5 inches. Their wool is typically between 27-33 microns in diameter. Cheviot wool has a unique three-dimensional crimp that gives it crispness and resilience. While Cheviots are not one of the classic Down breeds, their wool is considered Down-like.


Combed top from wool grown in the UK.

Prickle factor

With an average micron count of 30, we rate this top 3.5 on our “prickle factor scale” of 1-5.

Spinning hints

This Cheviot top is a pleasure to spin and very versatile. Spin it worsted right from the top; avoid putting in too much twist. For more woolen yarns, try spinning it from the fold, or carding it into rolags.

Cheviot Top in Splash

Cheviot Top in Splash