Columbia Aran

  • Wool type: medium
  • Spinning method: worsted
  • Number of plies: 3
  • Prickle factor: 2 of 5
  • Suitable for: comfortable, durable garments.

The basics: 100% Columbia wool. Approximately 225 yards, 205 meters; 4 ounces. Hand wash. Lay flat to dry. For best results, always knit from alternate skeins when using more than one skein of hand-dyed yarn for a project.

Provenance: Columbia Worsted is spun from wool grown at the Imperial Stock Ranch in Oregon. This is the same yarn that was used to make the Ralph Lauren-designed sweaters worn by the U.S. olympic team during the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Other notes: This is a heavy worsted-weight yarn with a high smoosh factor, lovely roundness and bounce, and a medium twist. Because it is a three-ply, worsted-spun yarn made from a medium wool, it should wear very well. A wonderful sweater yarn that will knit up quickly.

You can find additional information about Columbia sheep here.