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A note about how I use email and social media

I try to spend most of my Sheepspot time in the dye studio, dyeing up fluffy fiber and yummy yarns for you. Because I find dyeing so completely absorbing (and because there's math involved), I make it easier to concentrate by keeping that space phone and internet-free. 

Another part of my Sheepspot time is spent at my desk filling orders, plotting upcoming woolly initiatives, and responding to email. I love getting your emails, but until I succeed in bending the time-space continuum to my will (something I will definitely announce on social media), please allow one week for a response. If it takes me longer, I'm probably immersed in a project or thinking about my response. But I will get back to you. 

I check in on the Sheepspot Facebook page and Instagram at least every other day. I post Sheepspot announcements and fun stories about sheep and wool to Twitter, but I don't spend a lot of time there.