Next Monthly Chat coming up on August 22

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I'm trying something new this month for the chat. I will be using a conference-call service called Uberconference. I'll be able to hear your voices and see who is on the call, two things that I can't do using Google+!

The only downside is that you won't have a live video stream of me. I can share my screen with you, though, so I can still show slideshows or photographs during the call. And if you sign into the call and set up an Uberconference account, you can share your screen, too, which would be a great way for you to share photos of your Sheepspot projects!

Afterwards, I will be post an audio file of the conference right here, so you can listen later if the scheduling of the live call doesn't work for you.

You can join us by going to my uberconference site ( on Saturday, August 22nd at 1:30 Eastern.

If you don't have web access, you can also simply call my Uberconference number from your phone. If you'd like to go this route, please email me for the number.

If you have headphones for whatever device you are using to connect, please use them so we can hear you as clearly as possible. If not, no worries! We'll deal! Any questions? Get in touch and I'll do my best to help! 

First ever Monthly Chat!

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There were some predictable technological glitches, and I do spend the first four minutes of this video not doing much of anything except worrying about my hair (please, skip ahead!), but I really enjoyed doing this, so I'm declaring it a success, weirdness and all. I'm going to keep looking for a more intuitive platform, and one that lets me actually hear your voices rather than just reading your questions. So stay tuned.