Organic Polwarth Top

Breed History

Polwarth sheep were developed in Australia by breeding Merino rams to Merino/Lincoln ewes. They are not found in North America but are common in Australia and New Zealand. They have recently been imported to South America, where they are known as Ideals.

Fleece Facts

Polwarth fleeces weigh 9-13 pounds, with a staple length of 3-7 inches. Their wool is typically 21-26 microns in diameter. Polwarth fleeces are dense, with rectangular staples and fine, well-defined crimp.


Our Organic Polwarth Top is 22 microns, completely free of vegetable matter, and comes from wool raised on two family farms on the Falkland Islands. The sheep are not subject to mulesing and are not dipped in pesticides, and flock sizes are limited to ensure the health of the land. This top was processed in the UK.

Prickle factor

This 22-micron top rates a 1 on our prickle factor scale from 1-5. It is a perfect fiber for yarns that will be worn next to the skin.

Spinning hints

Polwarth is a friendly fiber that spins up into lofty, bouncy yarns. Spin right from the top for worsted yarns, or from the fold for semi-woolen.

 Undyed Organic Polwarth top

Undyed Organic Polwarth top

 Organic Polwarth Top in Ignite

Organic Polwarth Top in Ignite