Perendale Roving

Breed History

Perendale sheep were developed in New Zealand in the 1950s by Geoffrey Peren, who bred Cheviot rams with Romney ewes to create a dual-purpose sheep that would thrive on rugged terrain and poor pasture.

Fleece Facts

Perendales grow white fleeces that weigh 7-11 pounds, with a staple length of 4-6 inches. Their wool typically falls in the 28-35 micron ranges, and has an open, even crimp and a matte appearance.


Carded roving processed in New Zealand from New Zealand-grown wool.

Prickle factor

This roving rates 3 on our prickle-factor scale from 1-5.

Spinning hints

Its long staple makes Perendale easy to spin, and this roving is happy spun with either a worsted or a woolen draft. Go easy on the twist; these long fibers don’t need much to hold together.

 Undyed Perendale roving

Undyed Perendale roving

 Perendale roving in Orchid

Perendale roving in Orchid