Bust Your Spinning Rut

Bust Your Spinning Rut


Bust your spinning rut and find your groove!

You’re a new spinner who doesn’t yet have a lot of tools in your yarn-making tool box. Or you’re an experienced spinner who finds herself making the same yarn over and over again. Either way, you find yourself stuck in a rut

Something’s stopping you from tackling new techniques and fibers. You’re not comfortable making a range of different yarns. And you’re not able to make exactly the yarn you want when you want it.

You could stay where you are. Frustrated. Trying to find yet another pattern to knit with your default yarn

Or you could take your spinning to the next level

I’ve been where you are. For the first six month of my spinning life I spun exactly one fiber (BFL) prepared the same way (combed top). I used the same draft (always a short forward draw) and the same structure (two-ply, every time).

After six months of making two-ply worsted BFL yarn, I knew I needed to make a decision. I could a) stay in my comfort zone, or I could b) become the kind of versatile and skillful spinner I really wanted to be.

I’m grateful every day that I chose option b.

Now it’s your turn to decide. Are you going to choose option b, too, and level up your spinning?

By the end of Bust Your Spinning Rut, you’ll have tried new drafts, new fibers, and new fiber preparations—all with step-by-step instruction and support every step of the way. And you’ll have learned how to approach whatever spinning challenges come your way in the future with confidence and aplomb.

With clear demonstrations, patient explanations, and gentle encouragement, you can expand your spinning repertoire at your own pace. And you’ll have the backing of a group of passionate spinners cheering you on.

Here’s a quick refresher of what the course includes:

  • an introductory module in which you’ll dive deep into your default yarn, imagine your dream yarn, and set your goals for the course

  • three additional modules, each with video demonstrations, live “office hours” in which you can get my help in planning your yarn, and a live online class meeting in which you can ask questions and share your results

  • a private Slack workspace (more of a “playspace,” really!) in which you can access course materials, get help, and celebrate your wins.

  • a printable workbook with the class handouts and lots of space to take notes and record your progress

My promise to you: if you take full advantage of the class—by watching the videos, getting my help during office hours and live classes, and spinning the recommended yarns—and you find you’re not a better spinner, able to easily make a wider range of yarns and approach new spinning challenges fearlessly, then I will promptly return every cent of your money.

This class will be open only until Saturday, May 5, and only thirty places are available

So if you want to consistently make better yarn while feeling more relaxed and joyful while spinning, please don’t hesitate.

Grab your spot by clicking the button below. You’ll be taken directly to your shopping cart for checkout, where you’ll enter your name, address, and credit card or paypal information, and click the purchase button to secure your spot in the class.

I can’t wait to see you in class!


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