Perendale Roving—Cranberry Bog

Perendale Roving—Cranberry Bog


Long but lofty

Perendale is considered a longwool, and this roving is an unusual preparation, so it’s great for situations in which you need some length of staple in a woolen yarn. This fiber most loves to be spun with a long draw and not too much twist; the resulting yarns have surprising elasticity, though most wouldn’t choose them for next-to-skin wear. Choose Perendale for projects like warm, durable slippers, or garments you’ll wear over something else. It’s a very friendly spin, great for times when you’d like to embark on a spinning adventure that won’t be too taxing. 

This roving has been gently handled, lovingly dyed, and carefully checked to ensure that no felting has occurred during the dyeing process. 

Sheepspot takes extra care in sourcing its wools, so you can explore your creativity knowing that the materials you are using are of the highest quality, and have been sustainablyand ethically produced.

All Sheepspot products come with a no-hassle money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with this fiber for any reason, just return it. No questions or hoops to jump through, just a quick refund. 

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