Targhee Top—Coming Up Roses

Targhee Top—Coming Up Roses


A customer said this Targhee is "the nicest fiber" she's ever spun

Are you a bit bored with plain old Merino, but have a project in mind that absolutely, positively has to be next-to-skin soft? You'll be delighted with this Targhee top: it has a bounce and character that Merino often lacks, but it's just as soft. The strong, long fibers in this top love to stick together, and it's the width of a pencil roving, so it's a snap to spin. You can just relax, spin, and enjoy making beautiful yarn. 

This fiber has been gently handled, lovingly dyed, and carefully checked to ensure that no felting has occurred during the dyeing process. 

Sheepspot takes extra care in sourcing this wool, so that you can explore your creativity secure in the knowledge that the materials you are using are of the highest quality, and have been sustainably and ethically produced right here in North America. 

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