Organic Linen Project Bags by Madder Root—Graphite

Organic Linen Project Bags by Madder Root—Graphite


Pamper your WIPs—and yourself—with these beautiful, durable, and sustainably made project bags from Madder Root in graphite!

    •    made from organic linen fabric sewn with organic cotton thread

    •    screen printed by hand with solvent free water-based inks

    •    approximately 10"x12"

    •    machine washable in cold; line or tumble dry

    •    made in the USA in Maine

Linen is a miraculous natural fiber made from the flax plant. Even when grown conventionally, flax, unlike cotton, requires little water, chemical fertilizer, or pesticides; this linen has been produced organically, so it is completely chemical-free. 

Linen fibers are strong and long, so linen is extremely durable, and it gets softer with each washing. Linen fabric actually gets stronger when wet, it's naturally resistant to bacteria, and it's highly breathable, making it the perfect fabric in which to store wool, which can absorb lots of water from the air and ideally shouldn't be stored in anything that doesn't breathe.

Madder Root, the company that makes these bags, is a husband-and-wife team (Andy and Christina, assisted by Christina's best friend and art-school buddy Ashley). They specialize in clean, graphic prints inspired by nature, and do all the printing and sewing in their basement studio. Not only are they committed to producing an environmentally sustainable product, but working at home allows Christina (a knitter, of course) and Andy to stay at home and tag-team raising their daughter. I love their work and it's a pleasure to bring it to Sheepspot.

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