Your subscription to the Sheepspot Fleece Club

Your subscription to the Sheepspot Fleece Club


Are you intrigued by the prospect of learning to process your own wool for spinning, but daunted by the prospect of selecting a suitable fleece? Are you excited by the idea of working with unprocessed wool, but less excited by the idea of washing an entire fleece yourself?

The Sheepspot Fleece club is a three-month subscription program that delivers at least 100 grams of premium washed fleece right to your door. Each shipment in your subscription will contain wool from a different breed of sheep, selected with care and hand-washed with love.

This club is perfect for you if:

  • you want to learn whether you enjoy preparing you own wool before you take the plunge and commit to an entire fleece
  • you want to see and work with some excellent fleeces in order to learn what to look for when shopping for fleeces on your own
  • you know that you enjoy combing or carding washed wool, but don't enjoy washing it yourself
  • you love doing your own prep, but don't have room to store large amounts of wool

The fleeces we select for our club members are all exceptional handspinning fleeces. All have come for the flocks of caring shepherds who love their animals and treat them with respect. All are sound and strong. Many have been coated, which means less VM (vegetable matter) for you to deal with (though sheep are animals who live outside, so you should expect to see some). And many are beautifully colored.

We've taken all the guess work and uncertainty out of choosing and washing fleece. As a member, you'll get three packages of beautiful wool, in July, August, and September; shipping costs are included in the price. Each shipment will include at least 100 grams of washed wool, and a cover letter telling you about the breed, the shepherd, and the flock from which it came.

Only ten memberships are available each quarter, so please don't hesitate. Click the button below to join the club now. 

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