Suffolk Worsted

  • Wool type: Down
  • Spinning method: woolen
  • Number of plies: 2
  • Prickle factor: 2 of 5
  • Suitable for: warm, durable garments

The basics: 100% Suffolk and Suffolk-cross wool. 196 yards, 179 meters. Hand wash; lay flat to dry. For best results, always knit from alternate skeins when making a multi-skeined project from hand-dyed yarn. 

Provenance: Spun by Mountain Meadow Wool Mill in Buffalo, WY.

Other notes: Woolen spinning is a natural choice for Down wools because it makes the most of their remarkable elasticity. The fairly loose twist here gives this yarn an inviting, somewhat crisp hand; while I suspect that some folks could wear it next to the skin, for others it would be perfect for a sweater to be worn with something underneath, or for mittens or hats.

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