Sustainable Merino Fingering

  • Wool type: Fine
  • Spinning method: Worsted
  • Number of plies: 4
  • Prickle factor: 1 of 5
  • Suitable for: next to skin wear

The basics: 100% Sustainable Australian Merino. 436 yards; 400 meters. Hand wash; lay flat to dry. For best results, always knit from alternate skeins when making a multi-skein project with hand-dyed yarns.

Provenance: Ethically- and sustainably produced Australian Merino certified by NewMerino®. NewMerino® sources its wool from flocks whose shepherds do not use mulesing to control flystrike and who are committed to managing the environment for regeneration and sustainability of grasslands.

Other notes: Merino yarns can be delicate because the fibers are so fine, but here the worsted spinning and four-ply structure mean that this yarn should stand up to some wear. Also, this yarn is unusually elastic for a worsted spun yarn.

Learn more about NewMerino® here.

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