Cheviot Top

Cheviot Top


Approximately 100 grams of undyed Cheviot top.

You’ve likely heard of Cheviot wool, but perhaps you don't know enough about it to feel comfortable buying some. Well, no more. You’re about to find out what you’ve been missing out on (hint: a whole lot of awesome).

Thanks to its unique spiral crimp, this Down-like wool has a loft that is second to none. Usually short stapled, Cheviot wool resists felting, making it a perfect choice when spinning for socks. Or a cabled sweater. Or a hearty heirloom afghan. Or a woven fabric. Or any finished textile that you’d like to create using a lofty yarn, and hold onto long into the future.

What I’m saying is, this one’s difficult to screw up.

Cheviot isn’t baby-skin soft like a fine wool. However, it’s neither rough nor scratchy. I’d call it “hearty.”

You really have to try this one and experience it for yourself.

Sheepspot takes extra care in sourcing this wool, so you can explore your creativity secure in the knowledge that the materials you are using are of the highest quality, and have been sustainably and ethically produced.

All Sheepspot products come with a no-hassle money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with this fiber for any reason, just return it. No questions, no hoops to jump through, just a quick refund.

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