Coopworth Roving

Coopworth Roving


Approximately 100 grams of undyed Coopworth roving.

Are you a long-draw ninja (or do you want to become one)?

Picture yourself spinning light, fuzzy woolen yarns with ease with this fluffy, open, and perfectly-carded Coopworth roving. Whether you already love spinning long draw, want to perfect your technique, or are just getting started with this drafting method, you’ll be delighted by how effortless the process is with this oh-so-forgiving roving; the long fibers and immaculate preparation make spinning it a piece of cake. Just relax and let the fiber run through your fingers as you spin. The yarns you make will be perfect knitted into warm, sturdy hats and mittens, or sweaters worn over another top.

Sheepspot takes extra care in sourcing this wool, so that you can explore your creativity knowing that the materials you are using are of the highest quality, and have been sustainably and ethically produced.
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