Rambouillet Top

Rambouillet Top


Approximately 100 grams of undyed Rambouillet top.

Looking for a spin that will leave you feeling exuberant?

Rambouillet is the perfect choice. There’s something about this wool that inspires joy. Perhaps it’s the amazing bounce, or the next-to-skin soft, almost cottony hand. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s happy to be spun woolen or worsted, and seems absolutely eager to become beautiful yarn. Or that it’s both beginner-friendly and a rewarding spin for folks who’ve been spinning for years.

Sheepspot takes extra care in sourcing this wool, so you can explore your creativity secure in the knowledge that this fiber is of the highest quality, and has been sustainably grown and ethically processed right here in North America.

All Sheepspot products come with a no-hassle money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with this fiber for any reason, just return it. No questions, no hoops to jump through, just a quick refund.

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