The Fiber Club opens July 9

Want to spin better?

If you’re a spinner, you probably know how easy it is to find yourself in a rut, spinning the same kinds of fibers in the same way, over and over. Spinning your default yarn can be relaxing, and even comforting as you zone out to a Netflix marathon, but it’s definitely not the best way to raise your spinning game

The best way is to try new techniques, and to spin fibers that you’ve never spun before. If you do this regularly (and with a bit of guidance), every aspect of your yarns will improve.

A great way to do this is through what in-the-know spinners call breed study: systematically spinning the wool of different breeds of sheep, in order not only to learn about their differences, but, even more important, in order to become a better spinner.

There is an astounding range of breeds of sheep, and they grow an equally astounding range of wools. And each of them is best spun a little differently. 

Breed study makes you a better spinner by giving your brain and your hands new materials to work with and new problems to solve.

Traditionally, undertaking a breed study has involved seeking out and buying raw fleece, washing it, and preparing it with hand cards, wool combs, or even a drum carder. And then starting all over again with a different breed. And so on (and on.)

In short, it’s been an involved and expensive process

But what if you could start a breed study right away, and skip all of those steps, by getting beautifully-prepared, unusual wools and hints about how to spin them, delivered right to your door? 

You can, with the Sheepspot Fiber Club

You may be thinking, “I’ve tried fiber clubs in the past, and I’ve still got some of that fiber. I just couldn’t get excited about spinning it.” Maybe it was dyed in a colorway you just couldn’t get behind. Maybe you had no idea how to spin it.

You may even feel a little guilty about having spent the money.

I understand. It’s happened to me, too. But it’s time to forgive ourselves. Because the problem wasn’t us. It was them

Sheepspot’s club is different. It’s built around choices. 

First, you’ll choose your basic membership, which comes in a dyed or undyed edition. If you choose the dyed edition, you'll get to choose among four colorways (two multicolored, two semisolids that coordinate with the multis) for every shipment. 

Then, you’ll choose:

  • whether to join for six months or the full year
  • whether to pay all at once (and save 10%!) or in monthly installments
  • whether to get one bump of fiber or two

So what’s your choice?

Your basic membership: dyed or undyed? For six months or twelve?

Shipments will begin in late July and arrive every other month after that. Join for the full year and receive six shipments (July, September, November, January, March, and May). Join for six months and receive three shipments (July, September, and November). Each shipment will contain:

  • 100 grams of delicious, breed-specific spinning fiber, undyed or in your choice of four new colorways (two multi-colored, two semi-solid) that are exclusive to the club for six months
  • a worksheet to help you evaluate the fiber and plan your yarn

The dyed edition

Prices for the dyed edition of the basic membership (in USD, with shipping included) will be: 

  • six months: one payment of $168 or six payments of $31

  • twelve months: one payment of $336 or twelve payments of $31

The undyed edition

Prices for the undyed edition of the basic membership (in USD, with shipping included) will be:

  • six months: one payment of $135 or six payments of $25

  • twelve months: one payment of $270 or six payment of $25

Want extra fiber?

If you like to spin for larger projects, you can opt to get 100 grams of extra fiber per shipment. If you opt for dyed fiber for your basic membership, your extra fiber will be dyed as well, and you can choose among any of that month’s colorways for the second bump.

If you opt for undyed fiber in your basic membership, your extra fiber will also be undyed.

Prices for dyed extra fiber (in USD) are as follows:

  • six months: one payment of $64 or six payments of $12
  • twelve months: one payment of $128 or twelve payments of $12

Prices for undyed extra fiber (in USD) are as follows:

  • six months: one payment of $49 or six payments of $9
  • twelve months: one payment of $99 or twelve payments of $9

Want to go all in? I've got a special bonus just for you!

If you choose to join the club for the full year, you’ll be enrolled in Breed School, which sends your club membership into breed study hyperdrive by giving you access both to additional breed information, and to fellow travelers on your fiber journey!

Breed School includes

  • an information sheet about the breed and its history in every shipment, and, when possible, additional information about the specific flock that grew the wool
  • a private-messaging community on Slack just for club members, with monthly contests and spinning challenges
  • video guides to spinning each fiber
  • exclusive access to regular live chats with Sasha, in which you can get individualized help spinning your club fiber

The equivalent of a multi-day, in person spinning class worth $197, Breed School is completely free to full year club members.

Wondering what past club members have to say?

Wondering whether the club is for you? 

Yes, absolutely, if . . . 

  • you’re already comfortable with your wheel or spindle, and can spin a continuous thread
  • you’re eager to learn more about sheep breeds and their wools
  • you’re committed to expanding the range of yarns you can make
  • you’re enthusiastic about exploring new-to-you fibers
  • you’re willing to experiment with knitting, crocheting, or weaving projects that aren't always next-to-skin soft
  • you’re serious about improving your spinning in the next six to twelve months

Probably not, if . . . 

  • you’re still struggling to use your wheel or spindle, and can’t (yet!) spin a continuous thread
  • you prefer to spin fibers other than wool, or to continue spinning easily-accessible wools like Merino and BFL
  • you've already done lots of breed study
  • you’re satisfied with the range of yarns you can make right now
  • you want every yarn you make to be next-to-skin-soft
  • you love to prepare your own fiber

Wondering who’s running this show?

I am. I'm Sasha Torres. I've been spinning incessantly since 2009, and I started Sheepspot in 2014 to make beautifully-dyed fiber for handspinners, with a particular emphasis on rare and unusual wools. When I’m not spinning, dyeing, or dreaming up new colorways, I love giving spinners the information and support they need to make yarns they love, through in-person and online classes and The Sheepspot Podcast.

More questions? We've got answers!

Where do you source your fiber? 

Some of the fiber you get as part of your club membership will be wool that I purchased as fleeces and had processed to my specification. Some will be come from fiber wholesalers in the US and the UK. Wherever possible, I use wool grown in North America. Regardless of where the wool comes from, though, I buy only fiber that’s been processed with care for the environment and that comes from ethically-treated sheep. 

What breeds can I expect?

When I plan the club for the year I strive for a mix of wool types, so you should expect to see some fine wools, some Down or down-type wools, and some longwools. Since part of Sheepspot’s mission is raising awareness of endangered sheep breeds and supporting the folks who care for these precious animals, I try to incorporate rare breeds into the mix wherever possible. 

Will all the fiber I get be combed top?

I try to include carded fiber when I can, for the woolen spinners in the group. Whether it’s combed or carded, though, rest assured that the preparation will be outstanding.

Do you repeat breeds from year to year?

I don’t use the same breed in consecutive club years. So none of last year’s breeds (Targhee, Manx Loaghtan, Wensleydale, Cheviot, Corriedale, Finn) will be in this year’s lineup. 

If I pay all at once at the beginning of the year, can I get a refund?

Please review the complete terms of service for the club here before you join. Because I do my fiber purchasing for the club at the beginning of the club year, I am not able to offer refunds. However, I will absolutely work with you to find a solution if you are unhappy with your membership. 

If I’m paying in installments, can I cancel my membership?

Please review the complete terms of service for the club here before you join. When you join the club, you are committing to allowing us to charge your credit card monthly for the duration of your membership. In general, we don’t allow cancellations, but if your situation changes drastically, please get in touch. 

So, what's it going to be?

Are you ready to become a better, more knowledgeable, and confident spinner? If the answer is yes, just click below to get a notification when membership opens on June 21.