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“The music of the spinning wheel shall be a balm to your soul.”—M.K. Gandhi


What We Believe


As Gandhi well knew, spinning soothes the soul. Slow, quiet, meditative—spinning is the antidote to our stressed-out, too-busy, always-on world. Beyond the obvious benefit—more yarn!—spinning = self-care. Time spent spinning fills us up; it makes us better friends, spouses, and parents; and it helps us feel more comfortable in our own skin.

When Gandhi was leading India’s fight for independence from the British, he looked forward to going to jail so he’d have more time to spin. Makes perfect sense to us.


What We Do


The Sheepspotters’ Society

If you’re serious about becoming a more skilled, knowledgeable, and confident spinner, The Sheepspotters’ Society is open now.

Would you like a clear, step-by-step path to better spinning? As a member, you’ll receive monthly lessons, regular Q&A sessions, and a single, level-appropriate skill-building challenge to focus on each month. You’ll also have the option to get fiber perfectly suited to each challenge sent right to your door. And you’ll become part of a diverse, loving community of similarly obsessed spinners.

Learn more about The Sheepspotters’ Society here.

luscious fiber

At Sheepspot, we are passionate about wool, and we take as much care sourcing and dyeing the wool fibers we sell as you take making your handspun yarns. We offer unusual and rare breed wools that you just won't find anywhere else.

Our colorways reflect our love of rich, complex color combinations, and our meticulous studio processes produce easy-to-spin braids, no matter the fiber.

You can browse our current selection of fiber here, or shop our booth at these fiber festivals


The sheepspot podcast

Each episode of The Sheepspot Podcast provides a short, actionable lesson that you can use to make better yarn right away.

You can browse the episodes here.


Spinning classes

We’re on a mission to make top-notch spinning instruction more accessible, by offering spinning workshops and classes online. Imagine: taking a spinning class without having to travel to a fiber festival or even pack up your wheel!

We also offer in-person classes at The Sheepspot Studio and elsewhere.

For a complete list of what’s coming up, check out our events page.


Who We Are

We help you make the yarns of your dreams


Sheepspot is the always-evolving brainchild of Sasha Torres, a fiber dyer and spinning teacher who never tires of thinking up new ways for her customers, whom she affectionately calls “Sheepspotters,” to spin more, have more fun spinning, and make more stuff they love. She’s been spinning—and gobbling up every crumb of spinning knowledge she can find—for a decade, studying color for longer than that, and teaching in universities for more than thirty years. Explaining complicated things clearly is her superpower.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what students in her recent online workshop, “A Dyer's Guide to Spinning Multicolored Braids,” had to say:

“It’s the best color assessment class for spinning I’ve ever seen. And the principles can apply to more than just spinning - it would also be useful to knitting, weaving, and dyeing arts.”

“I appreciated the clear communication and the flow of the learning and the samples to show the results. My eyes were opened and I suddenly understood the topic. The handouts will also be very helpful to use for my future spinning projects.”

Sasha_Torres_WEBRESOLUTION_ 56.jpg

What Spinners Say


jillian Moreno

“Like Deb Robson, Beth Smith, and Clara Parkes . . . Sasha speaks for the sheep, one single breed at a time.”

LaceyAnn S.

“I always learn more from Sasha, even if I think that I understand a given topic. Thank you for your help in being a better spinner.”

Adi B.

“Your website (podcast, products, class) have really been very central to me on my fiber journey—I've learned so much from you, and feel like you've given me pieces that I'm really enjoying putting together in new ways for myself.”


Spin yarn you love.