Spinning for socks? This is the fiber.

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Creating a three-ply sock yarn is a spinner's right of passage. And this is the perfect breed and preparation for helping you achieve this dream: Southdown, in a combed top (a rarely-seen breed in an-even-more-rare prep). 

Down breeds offer exceptional warmth and moisture-wicking to keep your tootsies warm and dry throughout the icky-weather months. The wool is both fine and crimpy, so it can be spun thin but still provides the elasticity needed to hold its knitted shape and hug your foot and leg for years to come. What's more, Southdown is naturally resistant to felting

Since the staple lengths for Down-breed wools are fairly short, these wonderful wools are typically carded. Commercially (if you can find a supplier), they are almost always offered as roving, but we have it for you in combed top form. What's the big deal? You're likely to get a smoother, finer end result if you start from a worsted preparation—and we love worsted yarns for socks, because they wear better than woolen yarns and feel nicer against your feet. 

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