Reason #3 why breed study is important for knitters.


Last but not least, here’s reason #3 why breed study is important for knitters (in case you missed them, go back and read reason #1 and reason #2):

Different projects call for different yarns.

Knitting by hand should mean that we can create a fabric that does exactly what we want it to. Socks call for elasticity and resistance to abrasion. Cowls should be soft against our necks. Lace should drape beautifully. We wear some sweaters against our skin; others over a layer or two. Each of these applications demands a different yarn, and while breed shouldn't be our only consideration when choosing a yarn—we should also be thinking about how the wool was spun, and how the yarn is constructed—using wool from as many breeds as we can gives us the greatest possible number of options to choose from as knitters.

Sheepspot’s yarn club is a great way to get started exploring these options. With a different breed-specific yarn in each shipment, you’ll get lots of experience and guidance in using different wools to create just the fabric you envision for your projects. But don’t dawdle. Memberships close today.

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