OMG: Lambing Live

I need to tell you, as a fellow sheep nut, about a BBC program called Lambing Live that I found on YouTube.

Lambing Live is just what the title would suggest. BBC Two airs it live, on five consecutive nights in the spring. Hosts Kate Humble (above) and Adam Henson cover a different shepherding family in each season. They film as many ewes lambing as they can, filling in the slow periods between births with background footage that they've shot during other crucial periods in the shepherding year (choosing rams, breeding—or "tupping", scanning the ewes with ultrasound to determine how many lambs they are carrying).

In short, Lambing Live is television for sheep nuts. I am completely hooked, and am working my way through the three available seasons. The seasons stop in 2014, but the three seasons on YouTube are just amazing and the lambs!

Now, before you get all excited, one caveat: the videos on YouTube are not high definition, which is a shame. But they are good enough to provide us sheep nuts with plenty of adorable lambs to squee over. 

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