Suffolk Slippers

Hi everyone! Danielle, here, back with another installment of knitting with Sheepspot yarn. This time, it’s a pair of slippers using Sasha’s Suffolk Worsted.
This yarn is bouncy and durable, and wears very well. I could tell right away from feeling the yarn in its skein that it would make excellent slippers. I’ve worn them most days since I finished them and they still look perfect! They’re very warm, and as you can see, extremely cute.
I used the Simple Garter Stitch Slippers pattern, which is a great (and free!) pattern by Hanna Leväniemi. I finished these in a couple of days of light knitting, but they could easily be finished in one day by a speedy knitter. It is truly a simple pattern, knit flat in garter stitch and then seamed together. If you don’t know how to crochet, don’t fret! On the last page of the pattern, Hanna shows you how to do the slip stitch seam, and this video is helpful for learning single crochet edging.

For my slippers I used a skein of the Crown Royal color, which are each one of a kind (OOAK) and look great with a white seam. For some other color combinations in Suffolk Worsted, here are some I quite like:

If you buy two skeins, you’ll be able to make coordinating adult slippers and have enough for some little ones as well (perfect if you know a baby or two). I hope you’ll pick up a skein or two and make yourself a pair of these slippers – they’re simply lovely.
Cheers, and happy knitting!