Spinzilla Post Image.jpg

Sasha here, to talk about what's got me excited, and that is the fifth annual Spinzilla (October 2-8, 2017)! As always, it's hosted by The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA), which is promoting "a monster of a spinning week."  

Spinzilla is a global competition in which spinners (either on teams, or as "rogue," or individuals) try to spin as many miles of yarn as possible in just one week, both for bragging rights as well as to bring visibility to our craft. Registration fees are donated to TNNA's evolving mentorship program, so that our kids can grow up and be fiber-loving spinners too!

"But Sasha, 'miles' of yarn?" you may be thinking. "Maybe I'll just sit this one out."

Aw, don't do that—at least, don't do it based on fear or intimidation. Instead, take that week as a gift to yourself and your inner spinner within. Feed your spinning monster. Below, I offer my key reasons why Spinzilla is an event well worthy of joining.

  1. Camaraderie: Not everyone has the good fortune of being able to belong to a fiber arts guild. For one week each year (even longer, if you join in the Ravelry forums in time to enjoy Spinzilla preparation and discussion), you can join ranks with spinners from all over the globe. Ask questions, gather intelligence, or simply enjoy the online companionship. It's a beautiful thing.
  2. Success: First of all, one mile is the equivalent of 1760 yards. That right there sounds a whole lot more attainable, doesn't it. Factor in the TNNA formula for counting yardage  [plied yardage] + [plied yardage x # of plies] = yardage for which you can claim credit, and a person's end results are looking a whole lot longer. Or, focus on attaining a goal during that week, such as becoming more proficient at core spinning or even spindle spinning. Tailor the week to meet your definition of success.
  3. Sustainability: By making learning accessible to the next generation, we can all be party to sustaining this craft as not just a hobby, but hopefully a lifestyle or means of support for decades to come.
  4. Inspiration: There will be bobbin and handspun porn galore during and just after Spinzilla and I, for one, cannot wait to lay my eyes on it.
  5. Prizes: I almost didn't add this one to the list, but I did. I am only human, after all. It's as simple as could be to be entered to win all kinds of incredible prizes, too. Just make sure to post photos in your team thread and to turn in your final yardage tally to either your team captain or to TNNA (if you go rogue) by the competition's deadline. You will be notified if you've won any extras.

Truly, whether your monster is a Godzilla or a Gonzo, I look at this competition as one that benefits all spinners, current and future. Registration is open through September the 30, so gather that fiber stash and get ready!