Product Review: The Lap Thing

This month I'm reviewing the Lap Thing, a fantastic lap cloth for spinners made by Natasha Puffer and sold in her Etsy shop, FiberCatcher. The Lap Thing comes in lots of different lovely fabrics, but each one is completely reversible and has one dark side and one white side. The thoughtful design really lets you see the drafting zone as you spin no matter what color the fiber is. Even better, each side has a flap into which you can tuck all those little neps and bits of VM that you don't want to get into your yarn; when you're finished spinning for the day, just shake it out over a your trash bin and you're done. Very helpful if you have a cat who likes to patrol the floors for bits of fluff. Not that I know anything about that.

Each Lap Thing has two zippered pockets for tools, one on the dark side and one on the white one. Natasha does a beautiful job on them. They're really well made. If you're tired of having a lap covered with fiber and VM while you spin, I highly recommend that you check them out. While you're at FiberCatcher, have a look at her Carder Keepers as well. They're pieces of fabric that hold your carders teeth-side together.  I think they would be really useful for traveling or classes.

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