Spinning from the fold: a roundup

Sometimes, you want to spin a woolen—read: airy, warm, and fuzzy—yarn, but you're not starting with a nice fluffy roving. Maybe you have combed top, or maybe you're working with a blend of fibers (say, cashmere plus silk) of very different lengths. Spinning from the fold is a technique that will allow you to spin a woolen yarn from a combed prep, or give you more control over tricky fiber blends.

I've gathered a few videos and tutorials here that will teach you how to spin from the fold.

First, Beth Smith shows us how it's done: 

Laura Chau shares a tutorial on Craftsy on how to spin from the fold with a wheel.

Lee Juvan shares a tutorial with excellent photos on Knittyspin.

Abby Franquemont goes in-depth in this handy FAQ on spinning from the fold that details how to prep for spinning from the fold and how to spin from the fold with a spindle.

Do you have any tips of your own for spinning from the fold? When do you use this technique? Do share in the comments!