Why I love my niddy noddy

In the last Sheepspot newsletter, I mentioned that my absolute favorite niddy noddy is this one made by Schacht. I'd like to share the many delightful ways this particular niddy noddy is a leap forward in niddy noddy technology, but first, let me say: no one is paying me to say this. I just really, really love this niddy noddy, and I really, really want all spinners to know about it.

(If you're wondering what a niddy noddy is, it's a tool for winding yarn into skeins. It's made from a center bar and two bars at either end placed perpendicular to one another. Here's a handy video of one in action.) 

Most niddy noddys have two small but annoying problems: they can be tiring to use (the rotating back and forth is hard on your wrist) and the yarn sometimes wants to fall off one end (the end that is flat, and intended to allow you to take the skein off at the end). Schacht has solved both of these problems.

First, the Schacht niddy noddy is made from aluminum, so it is super lightweight. This makes it easy on the wrists—plus, it has a handy cushioned grip in the center, so it's very comfortable to use.

Second, the length of the center bar is adjustable. This not only means that you can wind different-sized skeins with one tool, it also means that when you are finished winding your skein, you just collapse the bar and can easily remove the skein—no need for a flat-ended arm (yay!).

As a bonus, you can unscrew the bars and make the whole thing flat for packing, which is perfect for those out-of-town spinning workshops.

It's certainly spendy, but for me it has been worth every penny. This niddy noddy makes me happy every time I use it.

Do you have a fiber tool you absolutely love? Share it in the comments!