How to deal with needle overload

Needle storage should be pretty!

Needle storage should be pretty!

Last week I shared all the details about my needle stash. This week I want to share the tools I use to create order from what could be a chaos of circulars, interchangeable tips, and cords. First up: the interchangeables:

I use these lovely interchangeable cases from pokdej on etsy. I have two of the extra large ones, one for my Knit Picks sets and one for my DyakCraft ones. Because I have a lot of the Knit Picks cables, I also had pokdej make a custom case for those as well. Her work is absolutely lovely; these are well-made, sturdy bags, and she uses lovely modern fabrics. You can choose already-made cases or choose your fabrics and zipper colors and she'll make a custom one just for you. And she's fast. I highly recommend her shop.

For the fixed-length circulars, I use a somewhat less elegant but sturdy solution, the Namaste Double-Wide Circular Case:

Yes, it lists to the side a bit, and yes, I did have to create all those labels myself, but I can find what I need quickly, and that's the point, right?

Next week, I'll show you what's in the tool kit that I keep in my knitting bag at all times.

How do you store your needles?

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