My must-have knitting tools

In this series of posts about knitting tools, I've talked about my needle stash and how I organize and store it. This week: my knitting tool kit.

I keep a small kit of essential tools in my knitting bag. It has what I need to deal with pretty much any knitting problem I'm likely to encounter on the go, but it's deliberately minimal and lightweight. It contains:

  • a small pair of sharp scissors
  • a retractable measuring tape
  • cable needles
  • stitch holders
  • several big, blunt embroidery needles for weaving in ends, housed in a Clover Chibi
  • a needle sizer in the shape of a sheep (of course)
  • a set of cheap, lightweight aluminum crochet hooks, for picking up dropped stitches
  • a 24" circular needle, US size 0/2 mm, for picking up or holding stitches, or as an afterthought lifeline when ripping back

I actually have two of these kits all made up and ready to go; I've kept an extra one as a backup ever since leaving one in my rental car at SFO after visiting the Knitmores! This little pouch from Namaste (below) is perfect. I also like these bags from Tom Bihn.

I have a larger bag with post-its and highlighter tape (for back in the day when I used paper patterns; more on that next week), a small notebook, and other odds and ends, but I don't ever use it. My tiny little tool kit does the job!

Do you have other must-have knitting tools? Let me know and I'll do a follow-up to this story. Just hit reply!

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